The team at Bella Inizio Farm offers several services for horse owners including:

  • Breaking
  • Training
  • Lay-up
  • Rehab
  • Pin Hooking
  • Bloodstock Advising

Bella Inizio Farm

Services We Offer

Our First Priority is You

At Bella Inizio Farm, our priority has always been you, the client. Whatever you want to accomplish in the Thoroughbred industry, we can work with you to build a business plan and accomplish your goals. Our focus is to ensure every owner fully enjoys the experience of being a part of the Thoroughbred industry, whether you are investing, breeding, or racing.

Experience the inexplicable thrill of winning as an owner with a homebred.

What We Do

Pin Hooking

It can seem overwhelming, but Pin Hooking is a no brainer and easier with an experienced team by your side.

Pin Hooking is the practice where we buy a weanling or yearling to sell in the next sales cycle. When we purchase a weanling, we prepare for the yearling sales the following year. For a yearling, we look to sell as a 2-year-old. It’s also possible to pin hook mares who are in foal. This is not as common of a practice but, done carefully, it can yield solid returns.

Even in the toughest economy, buying smart can set you up for success in the next selling season. The most important factors are the selection of horses and patience through the process. Our team is focused on combing through and carefully selecting horses at sales. Maintaining our focus on budget and the quality of the horse are our top priorities. We are part of every step, from acquisition to arranging transportation and prepping for the coming sales and either representing or placing with a consignor in the sales process. While we always look for the diamond in the rough to yield the homerun pin hook, modest consistent returns are important as well.

With Pin Hooking, it’s comforting to know that you can insure your investment. There are not many investments that offer this kind of assurance. If something catastrophic happens, you have the option to carry mortality insurance to cover your capital investment. In an industry with known risk factors, along with the uncertainty of working with a live animal, this provides a sense of security for your investment.

We have successfully Pin Hooked for many years yielding profits well over 20% in 6-month timeframes. It’s a high-risk, high-reward part of the industry but there is nothing like being part of a successful Pin Hook. We look forward to you investing with us at Bella Inizio Farm.


Covered Eurociser

Our spacious covered eurociser allows for each horse to stretch their backs and necks while walking freely.  Whether cooling out after training or starting to regain fitness while being legged back up, each horse is sure to benefit from their time in the eurociser.


Our matted entry and exit swimming pool allows for an excellent rehabilitative or alternative training tool for your horse. An excellent tool to add to your horses training regimen.

Large Round Pen

Our oversized round pen allows for an excellent safe space to start up yearlings or offer a controlled environment to a horse not quite ready for full turn out.

“Whether you’re in the AAA or Major League, it’s doesn’t matter, you’re still playing baseball.”

Jena Antonucci

We are here to help at whatever level you want to participate. We can work with your specific budget and plans to make sure you have a seat at the table. We want everyone who has the interest to have the experience of buying or racing thoroughbreds.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing our team has your interests ahead of their own at all times.

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