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Our First Priority is You

At Bella Inizio Farm, our priority has always been you, the client. Whatever you want to accomplish in the Thoroughbred industry, we can work with you to build a business plan and accomplish your goals. Our focus is to ensure every owner fully enjoys the experience of being a part of the Thoroughbred industry, whether you are investing, pin hooking, breeding, rehab or racing.

Experience the inexplicable thrill of winning as an owner with a homebred.

The team at Bella Inizio Farm offers several services for horse owners including:

  • Breaking
  • Training
  • Lay-up
  • Rehab
  • Pin Hooking
  • Bloodstock Advising

Services We Offer

Rehabilitative Services

At Bella Inizio Farm in Ocala, we offer a variety of rehabilitative services for your Thoroughbred. With an on-site freshwater pool, a large eurociser, ample paddock space, and multiple alternative therapies, we are able to create a rehabilitation program tailored to your horse’s needs. Whether your horse needs to rest and recover from an injury or improve conditioning away from a racetrack setting, the Bella Inizio Farm team is hands-on throughout the process.

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What We Do

All horses in our rehab program are examined at first arrival by our team and our veterinarians, allowing us to determine the horses’ plan during their stay in our program. From there, we develop a fitness program, nutritional plan, and specific program to fit the horse’s and client’s needs and goals for their stay. It is our common goal to help every horse improve during their stay at Bella Inizio.

In-House Rehabilitation Services:

Fresh Water Pool: An overall great tool in a strength and conditioning program, as well as very useful in maintaining fitness while otherwise treating specific injuries.

Magna Wave: A powerful tool to help promote whole body wellness.  This therapeutic is invaluable in relieving overall body soreness and aids in healing any injury types, whether soft tissue or joint related.

Niagara Equissage: A great non-invasive therapeutic which promotes healing and speeds up recovery. It is also excellent for warming up and cooling down before and after exercise.

Nutritional Focus: Our team takes each horse’s overall health as an individual focus.  With excellent nutritional resources at our fingertips, we prioritize making sure your horse is flourishing. With their individual needs met, we are sure to help repair any potential gastric issues and maintain peak performance.

Other Therapeutic Offerings

Chiropractor & Acupuncture: Therapies to increase blood flow, realign, and decrease sore muscles.

Laser Therapy

Diagnostic Imaging: MRI, CAT Scan, Thermal Imaging, Digital Radiographs

Large Round Pen

Our oversized round pen allows for an excellent safe space to start up yearlings or offer a controlled environment to a horse not quite ready for full turn out.


Our matted entry and exit swimming pool allows for an excellent rehabilitative or alternative training tool for your horse. An excellent tool to add to your horses training regimen.

Covered Eurocisor

Our spacious covered eurociser allows for each horse to stretch their backs and necks while walking freely.  Whether cooling out after training or starting to regain fitness while being legged back up, each horse is sure to benefit from their time in the eurocisor.

“Whether you’re in the AAA or Major League, it’s doesn’t matter, you’re still playing baseball.”

Jena Antonucci

We are here to help at whatever level you want to participate. We can work with your specific budget and plans to make sure you have a seat at the table. We want everyone who has the interest to have the experience of buying or racing thoroughbreds.


You’ll have peace of mind knowing our team has your interests ahead of their own at all times.

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